New Grouper SOURCE stack

I found a new Grouper stack in Source today, which I must have overlooked. On first glance it just did what I often use Coder for. However, it actually adds an effective way to group and importantly, to label more clearly what the “group” does.

Stacks pages in Edit mode can be a challenge to read and this new Grouper stack can make understanding layouts easier.

You can label a group with text that will flow onto other lines and also add FA symbols (using FA code) in addition to the standard FA symbol at the start of the Grouper label. It can also add BG tints and recolour the title BG.

PS The standard Stacks title doesn’t allow symbols or multi lines titles.

Doesn’t sound much, but is a big deal and makes using Source projects easier. Perfect for “grouping” and labelling settings, base backgrounds, advanced padding, etc…

I will certaily use this in my Source Projects.


Thanks @Webdeersign - i added that in v2.4 last week. I also used Coder to group stacks previously but a dedicated stack is useful and I added a few features to it to make it even more so.

I wouldn’t recommend multi-line titles though generally as the stack is really designed to be hidden (using the Stacks Show/Hide function) to minimise it and its contents in Edit Mode (but to still show the title). A multi-line title will get cut off when this happens. There is a ‘Developer’s notes’ option too where more detailed notes can be added (and a long title here will be a bit problematic too). I can take a look at this though if people are keen to use longer titles / descriptors.


Yes, I should have said that I disable the stacks title in Grouper in preference of the Grouper Title. Testing the concept of multi lines seems to be OK so far, but the full Stacks title will appear in the Developer Notes as an additional title, if they are used.

I never really liked the presentation of Developer notes and the space they use up, and while they have their use, they just don’t have the headline grabbing attention of the new Grouper title - at least to my eyes. The Developer notes adds a capitalised version of the Stacks Title in addition to the actual paragraph styled notes which is OK for some stuff but not as clear as the Grouper Title for other stuff.

Here’s a good example of how I will use it:

Anything that make Stacks Edit mode easier to understand is a good thing and it’s really good to have these new options.


I discovered it the other day and with a big smile, swapped out Coder which was what I’d been using before. Nice addition Stuart. It makes edits a cinch. Thanx

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I’ve just pushed out an update that includes some improvements to how the Developer Notes are displayed. They are a lot more streamline now.

Excellent. Making notes and titles is now significantly easier to use more effectively in Source.

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I still don’t think Stacks should have a label called Developer Notes becasue it can be interpreted as an area for the “Developer” to add notes, for whover the Developer is. The Title is redundant and consumes valuable space, and IMHO It would work better if the title Developer Notes was removed, as it’s just a place to put some text in the form of a note or aide memoir or whatever you want to use it for.

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This is purely a Source thing and isn’t something built-in to Stacks (Stacks does have its own Notes feature).

I figured ‘Developer Notes’ would mean exactly that - whether that is you or I adding notes to a project for others to use. Or for people developing their own projects to add notes for themselves. I think the term works for either use case.

Anyway - v2.4.2 has just been pushed out and now includes the option to globally hide the ‘Developer notes’ heading. That is a good space saving option. This new setting is in the ‘Container defaults’ section of the Source Base stack.

I didn’t know that from not using other Frameworks.

I had a Project customer ask about missing help notes for a layout and he said he didn’t read the Developer Notes becasue he wasn’t a developer. Interesting take on it but a large section of general public are barking mad.

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I think this problem belongs to ‘general public’ and not to Developer Notes. In my humble view, Developers Notes are straightforward and easy to adopt and use, or to ignore – the choice is entirely yours.

The new update with the remove Developer Notes title option is perfect. Now Dev Notes can exist just as a simple box of text and if you use the Dev Notes a lot, this new feature frees up useful space and simplifies the Edit view.

The stack developer has an own info UI element where he is able to give further information to the web developer.

My 2 cent 😄

I have just done some notes and titles editing in a project and the new grouper stack with the option to hide the Developer Note title works really well. I can’t see any need now to use multiple lines in the Grouper title because the “Dev Note” area is less cluttered