New LUX Theme for RapidWeaver [Review]

It’s been a while since I reviewed a RapidWeaver theme and even longer since I actually used one. Today, I realised why that is…
… when I design a website, I first choose a colour scheme that has some relevance to the site’s subject or the client’s CD, then I choose fonts that I feel are appropriate. I usually have a rough layout in my head, which I will then refine as I go along.
Themes such as the new LUX theme from Multithemes are aimed at RW users who may be less creative, or who want to spend less time concentrating on the page structure, users who want to quickly put a site together and publish their content. And that’s good; if that weren’t possible, there wouldn’t be so many good sites online.

Multithemes LUX won’t, however, allow you to switch your brain off entirely. Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme (25 different elements beg your attention), you then need to choose from one of fifteen headline fonts and five fonts for your content.

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