New "Mailto" stack



Mailto Form Stack

Generates a predefined mailto link, from a flexible form. No page, or server PHP required.
More info and a demo can be found here:


This is a clever stack that’s well implemented.


Nice one, in times of GDPR a lifesaver.

Could use that one too…


bought it once again. Got a problem on a site that google is blocking the mail on , this is an instant fix for it.
I do have your other mail form but i liked the way that the responsibility is put back onto the customer.
They know exactly what they are sending and to who.


The most requested feature since release. A way to add some custom text to the generated email. So you may say whatever you like here:

  • “Please read our terms”
  • “We will never share your email address with any third parties”
  • “We do not save your email address in any database”

What ever you like. Check for updates now (v1.0.2).