New "Mailto" stack


Mailto Form Stack

Generates a predefined mailto link, from a flexible form. No page, or server PHP required.
More info and a demo can be found here:


This is a clever stack that’s well implemented.


Nice one, in times of GDPR a lifesaver.

Could use that one too…


bought it once again. Got a problem on a site that google is blocking the mail on , this is an instant fix for it.
I do have your other mail form but i liked the way that the responsibility is put back onto the customer.
They know exactly what they are sending and to who.


The most requested feature since release. A way to add some custom text to the generated email. So you may say whatever you like here:

  • “Please read our terms”
  • “We will never share your email address with any third parties”
  • “We do not save your email address in any database”

What ever you like. Check for updates now (v1.0.2).



Hi @doobox. Just a quick question about the Mailto stack - works great by the way, after all my contact form problems!! But a bit of formatting problems in Google Chrome browser, doesn’t format properly - Safari and Firefox OK. Example Any thoughts?? Is there a setting I am not using??

I just tried your link in Chrome and it looked OK to me. Probably something else on the page is causing the issue. Create a new blank page, ideally in a blank theme with just the DooBox stack and then check it in Chrome

Apperance wise, your example looks identical in all browsers to me. Was it the appearance you mean’t?
If so, I think you must have just needed to clear Chrome’s cache.

If it’s something else, let me know.

Hi Gary
Yes think things have sorted themselves…did a browser clear…but also found there was a .html and .php file lingering!! The .php being the old one…so maybe Chrome mixed messages.
Thanks, think all OK going forward - great stack for people who still want to continue using their own GMail/Hotmail emails…what with everything going on with contact form ‘security’!!