New: Menupilator Stack

It’s been a while. I’ve been busy redesigning my site and as the king of bad timing I chose to do this in the middle of the RapidWeaver 8 update - bug fix - update bonanza. At the same time, all stacks needed updates to make them read for Stacks 3.5+ and the future… Never mind, that’s more or less history now, so it’s time to move on with a brand new Stack – and a discount code!

Menupilator Stack

On the average website, all menu items look more or less the same, except the one for the current page. There are plenty reasons however to change the standard looks and behaviour of one or more menu items.

Maybe you want to put extra emphasis on one or more menu items by changing their style and/or color, disable a menu item to turn it into a placeholder for the submenu items, make a menu item do something that cannot be defined by RapidWeaver (trigger a lightbox, a shopping cart popup etc.)…

With the Menupilator Stack, you can do all this – and much more. Make a menu item behave differently on different pages? Remove a menu item on some pages only? Link a menu item to the corresponding page in another language? No problem with the Menupilator Stack!

For more information, visit the Menupilator product page or the demo site for this stack to see it in action.

Just visit the product page, use the add to cart button (not the buy now with PayPal button!) to add the EasyButtons Stack to your cart and enter the discount code MP25OFF in the designated field.

Hope you like it!