New Project - Broken Grid layouts - image and video in Grids - innovative hover effects - Dark Mode

New Project 31 released for SOURCE.

  • Unique blog designs.
  • 100% SOURCE for a 100% Google Insights Pagespeed
  • CSS Grid full page layout with sidebar
  • Dark mode / Light mode configurations
  • TikTok portrait size Video in Grid positions
  • Unique image/video hover effects
  • Additional Poster2 configuration for more complex or larger blog/product pages that require a Poster2 solution that can scale into a large system - perfect for building the very best blog layouts.
  • Additional Poster2 control of hover overlay colours, controlled from the Poster2 Item content.

Broken Grid image layouts like the one above.

Vastly simplified layouts including a cheeky sidebar layout to squeeze in the footer details.

Checkout the demo pages

Note you will see Dark Mode or Light mode depending on your macOS version, Browser and whether Dark Mode is enabled.

Full details
Updated Blog


This Project is delivered like all of our Projects, built with Stacks 4, which is fully compatible with the super new Stacks 5 just released. This Project has also been tested fully with Stacks 5.

At some point in the future when the uptake of Stacks 5 is universal, we will build and deliver Stacks 5 based Projects.


Nice one, Gary!

I just updated this with a few additions.

V2 29 October 2022

  1. Added aria-label link text to sidebar icons
  2. Added extra Blog2 page with the Poster2 blog inside the sidebar layout from the Home page. Note that the navigation and sidebar icons are set to hide using the Poster2 Show hide stack, in the blog detail view for a cleaner layout.
  3. Removed unrequired Coder from Navigation
  4. Added non publishing Draft page to save the sidebar layout.
  5. Reduced the Video size by 250kb using the excellent Handbrake video compressor.

Customers can download the new version by logging into Paddle and downloading the latest new version.