New rebuilt Webdeersign site and some product retirements

I’ve finally rebuilt my site in 100% Source using Poster2 for the Projects and and it has been transformed in terms of speed of edit and publish.

In the process, I have also retired some of the older Projects and all of the Templates.

My plans are to rebuild some the Projects in Source and add a load of new features.

The demo pages for the retired Products and Template can all be found at

Any customers, who need to, can continue to log into their Paddle account at and continue to download any of their retired Projects or Templates.


It looks really good on my iPad. Well done Webdeersign and of course Stuart for creating Source.

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Yes it looks very nice. I like the curved sections, it kind of gives a reminence of the Deer antlers that is your logo.

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Great revamp. Love to see the retired Templates converted to Source.

Happy Holidays.

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Unfortunately, the Templates just don’t make sense anymore from a page construction point of view, as they were created to avoid the need to have to buy a relatively expensive Framework. As such they were popular with many who build sites for charities and church groups etc…

What was happening over time is that, I think it’s fair to say that frameworks were often being used just as a blank theme with only the frameworks settings stack being used, to then populate with 3rd party stacks to do all of the complicated stuff that the framework couldn’t do. There was no other way short of writing the code yourself.

However, today things are very different, and they can all be built entirely with SOURCE, which is of course priced at less than what’s charged for 3rd party stacks. In fact, all of the Projects & Templates can be built entirely with SOURCE without using any other non SOURCE stacks.

So my current plan is to redo probably everything, in 100% SOURCE and I also already have a few ideas for completely new ones.


Site looks great! Love it.

I need to do the same with my STH one early in the new year - half of it is still Foundry!

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I took advantage of the new Source V2 features that may not seem significant, but they add real value.

I was a big fan of using the Container Bases for storing my common padding and margin settings. However, in this rebuild, I used the new Utility Class stack 4 padding and margin setting throughout and this must be the first RW site I have built that I didn’t use any native stacks padding or margin settings.

I setup my Utility Class stack padding values to be 1=5px, 2=10px, 3=20px and 4=50px. So to add a pretty standard padding of 20px all around, I would just attach p-3, or to add 10px to the bottom, use pb-2. (5px right padding on devices above 600px would be pr-m-1). Similarly I setup 4 margin values and these can be also negative values to achieve super simple overlapping. If you are a Source user you should check these out.

They may seem simple but that is the beauty of this method and it doesn’t require writing any code as it is just using what’s built in. You shouldn’t have too much difficulty keeping track of these values in your head and therefore don’t need to refer back to your main setting that are probably in a Partial that needs opening up to view. That means you spend less time trying to recall the paddings/margin that are setup and also less time debugging a site.