New SOURCE CMS Project22 released

Looking for a robust, easy to setup with a 1-Click install, simple to use and maintain CMS in a lightening fast SOURCE project?

This is built on the amazing Source framework from Habitualshaker which continues to be my only framework that I use for new sites, and I am slowly converting other sites to use Source.

This project includes a complete text and PDF CMS for clients or (web developers who occasionally need to update clients sites) to upload txt and pdf files using the inbuilt S4S FileMan password protected upload page. This CMS is easy to use for RW users, requiring just 1 publish to get it up and running. No figuring out relative paths, building an admin page, setting up special folders, as it has all been done for you.

Web designers will love it because it stops clients from messing up text layouts by only allowing plain text uploads - putting an end to client uploaded cat and LadyBoy videos, making all text into H1 headers and adding unsuitable images.

In the long term, this CMS is rock solid because it depends on 1 well tested robust stack to function (S4S DropCMS) and the only other dependency are the files stored on the clients server and loaded via FileMan. There are many other ways to upload CMS files. This is as simple as any CMS can be.

I have spent quite a bit of time every year dealing with clients, who often have complicated CMS’s installed on their site, asking me to upload a new menu, discount voucher or whatever. They often have new staff or can’t remember the password or just don’t have the time or confidence to login online. In this situation, this new CMS solution gives me a super quick way to upload a file to their server via FTP. When they send me an email requesting that I upload the attached menu.pdf, I can do this in less time than it takes to read their email.

The orange Halloween layout shown above is controlled by the presence of a file called halloween.txt which also contains the text to display. When that file is deleted the orange promotion section is not displayed.

In the project is a St Valentine’s promotion section (shown above) that will show if a file called valentine.txt is present. This is powerful stuff that is easy for clients to understand and use. Currently the demo doesn’t have that file and it is therefore not shown.

If you want to try the upload system, just message or email me and I will send you a password.

Demo at
Details at


Really clever project @Webdeersign! Great use of a few powerful stacks to make a very workable CMS! And it looks great too!


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To answer a question that has come up a couple of times:

Can this Project use images loaded via the CMS? Yes. There are no images set to load in this way in the Project , but because Source has true warehouse support for images, then this would be an easy thing to setup.

For example. You could create a grid of images using the Source grid, and each grid item could use a background image or an image as content. The images could be configured to be something such as image1.jpg, image2.jpg, etc.

Then by setting jpg as a permitted file upload type, you could replace any image via the CMS but upload a new image6.jpg to replace the initial image6.jpg.

Very simple and very powerful.

I have now updated PR22 to include images in the CMS, as an option. This allows all of the images on the home page to be plodded remotely as CMS images. The CMS can be used to upload any normal Image or Background Image. In addition, the help files have been updated to explain in depth how to do this, but the process is essentially, that you select a warehoused image instead of a local image, and then name the image. All done.

I am generally reluctant to allow real clients to upload images, but there certainly is a case for this requirement in applications such as restaurants where sometimes, pictures of food is requested.

However, this project is more about showing how easy this can be done. Should you want to, using this system, every single image, bg image, icon, logo, social icon logo and image overlay could be uploaded via the CMS.

For existing users of PR22, you can download the new version by logging your Paddle account and download the new version at