New Stack PopBands + demo project

HI to everyone!
Introducing “POPBANDS” Stack, animated Bands & Styles Background.
This stack allows to manage Viewport animations with three options with morphing animation.
Apply Animation when element comes into viewport. You can select 3 states, initial ( static) , “First animation” (in view) and “Second Animation” (on Exit).

Demo online

Over 60 examples ready to use

Here some demos
with Frameworks Foundation and Foundry

This stack completes the collection of stacks for headers and columns " Motion Design" and is also available in bundles.

stack (with HypePro under the hood) fo RW7/8 Stack3/4
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**New UPG 1.0.1 Available:** - Fixed issue in Colour Blending (Beta option)
**New UPG 1.0.2 Available:** - Fixed issue in text colour (in css consolidation)

Motion Design — love it!

These stacks may not be to everyone’s taste but through the dearth of innovation in the community, they appear to me like a shining light.

As with all Michelangelo’s designs, they are beautifully crafted and precision-engineered with a passion you can almost lick off the screen. They have options from subtle to obvious and like all the best stacks and designs they are best used in moderation to achieve the greatest effect. Personally, I see myself using one of these @Multithemes stacks in every new client project, because they are exactly the kind of flair that clients perceive as value.

It’s a long time since I found myself looking forward to a developer’s next creation.



@Marten thank you!!!
you described my work well, I planned a set with a precise style but with many options, to do something original but also minimalist, with the same tool.
I love this software as RW and left Adobe for Hype. it is easy to use and even an average RW user can create interactive content without programming.

My stacks are based on animations made without custom code.

thanks again

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New UPG 1.0.1 Available:

  • Fixed issue in Colour Blending (Beta option)


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New UPG 1.0.2 Available:

  • Fixed issue in text colour (in css consolidation)

BTW, If you like PopBands, please consider to leave a Like or even a short review over at the RW Community page!

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