New Webdeersign Project18 available

Project18 from Webdeersign is now available for RapidWeaver + Stacks + Foundry or Foundaion.

This is a selection of pre configured grids with image hover effects that link to clever lightboxes using the brilliant BWD Limelight. The lightboxes can be navigated to, using images, buttons, text and it is even possible to navigate between images from one image to another. 4 designs are included to copy and paste into your design. Also uses a responsive Sidebar (Blueprint) design that scales well from the smallest to the very largest screens and beyond. The number of grid cells can be scaled to add more images/products/etc… This Project is designed as a solution for photographers, videographers, designers and anyone who wants to display a grid of products, images or designs to the maximum lightboxed size possible.

Also included is a Glitch version of a useful 404 error page that can be added to any site. In addition, the documentation has now been taken to the next level with screen shots explaining what important settings that relate to specific effects and important stacks settings.

Foundry demo site at
Foundation demo site at
Project 18 details -


@Webdeersign Nicely done!

I was expecting that when I clicked on a lightboxed image that I could use my keyboard arrows to go right/left as with many lightboxes. It’s not working for me in these demos. Is it possible to set up so keyboard navigation is also enabled? (Clicking on the right/left arrows works perfectly fine.) Or is this not possible with the stacks you are using?

Good question. I will look into that.

Limelight certainly supports keyboard navigation try it on the Navigate Lightboxes link on the demo page:

I suspect it may be that Gary published that page with a test version of the stack or that I broke the previous when I added swipe support.

Whichever that case, the v.1.0.5 update will be released in the next day or so which most definitely has keyboard navigation working.


Yes that is absolutely what I had done.

@mitchellm I will update the demos with the new Limelight build ASAP. Limelight is an incredible stack and the only lightbox/modal/Google Map/video modal you will ever need. Every other Modal lightbox is redundant.

Yes, I’ve played around with Limelight a small bit. Very nice. Too busy to use it in a project yet: that’s for summer! But I do know that @tav provided keyboard navigation with it.

Look forward to seeing the updated version of the project. Nice work again!

Limelight 1.0.5 is now live on the updater.


@mitchellm I just updated both P18 demos with the latest Limelight and the keyboard navigation is working perfectly as does all of the other forms of navigation across devices.

The ability to navigate from a modal to another modal is something I have never seen elsewhere and can provide an easy to navigate experience for users. From a web building point of view, setting up multiple modals linked to each other is not only simple but also quick to create in RW.

The INFO link at takes you into linked modals with different types of content. I think that’s pretty cool.

Big thanks to Tav for putting so much time and thought into Limelight.


Limelight is one of the best stacks EVER!
So much time, thought and effort went into its production that it’s incredible!
Thanks @tav !


Well, its not as good as the Tinafots stack but I appreciate the comments anyway :)


There are still a couple of stacks that ‘others’ have in beta and that I’m impatiently waiting to review!
I’m not going to ask for a timeline, because I could just as easily ask you to give me the geo coordinates for Atlantis…

It’s in the Pegasus galaxy.

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Wraith live there