Nice new Font - Latino Gothic on Sale

Availavle in normal and Variable in Desktop versions for pre launch low reduced price.

The interactive demo page is good way to explore what a variable font can do.

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Really nice! I love Latinotype but haven’t seen anything about this yet. Looks like a very versatile Franklin/News Gothic style workhorse (and the combination of weight and width axes provides incredible range to a sans type family).

Oh, but wait, so far there seem to be only two stacks that provide controls for variable fonts… and the other one is Carl’s Count. ;-)

Nice - but I could not find any license terms. Can I use them for my customers websites as well? Whom can I ask?

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This is a Pre Launch offer for Desktop fonts. I would suggest contacting Latinotype.

Just a couple of things to say about this. It is an amazing example of what a variable font can do, but the offer Latinotype are making here only includes fonts (and licences) for desktop use. Currently there are no free converters of .ttf to .woff or .woff2 for variable fonts (and the tools that exist are expensive and/or complex, as well as breaking the EULA). No doubt Latinotype will release a web version at launch, but it won’t be at $15!

Latinotype’s variable font is 614kb. I reduced it to 122kb by stripping out the characters for languages I’ll never use (keeping a basic Western European set). Again, though, the subsetting tools we have are either costly font editors or techy command-line programs. I exported it from Glyphs, and there are really quite a lot of repairs (although they are pretty simple things) to be carried out, where Glyphs has garbled outlines. When I’ve done these, I’ll post an example file showing what it can do. 122kb for what is the equivalent of 90 different static fonts is absolutely amazing (of course nobody is going to want to use 90 different variants, but its certainly feasible to have 6 or 7 different text and headline treatments).