Nick Cates' Photo Stack

Hello everybody,
some time ago, I had put Nick Cates’ Photo Stack on the site (updated to Source) of a friend of mine, the images were read from a folder in Batch Galleries mode.
The problem my friend posed to me, but which I honestly can’t solve, is that if he wants to insert other and new images he is always bound by the name and the number of images.
Title =
Behavior = Bactch
Batch URL = http: // … (sequential image filenames)
Batch Count = 5

in fact if he wants to insert 2 new images, he must delete 2 old images and keeping the same name for the sequence, insert the new ones, not exceeding the number of 5.
This is just one example.

Could this limit be overcome? it would take an idea …

Indeed it would be perfect if Photo Stack could read an entire Apple iCloud Albums, in order to create different products (icloud album) and each product has its own photos to display.

Do you think it is possible to associate Photo Stack with Apple iCloud Albums?
Or an idea to get around the obstacle?

Thank you

I have no experience of this stack.

However, the fact that there is a Batch Count=5 suggests that this is there to allow a different number of images.

Why not try it and see what happens?

Alternatively use inStacks Gallery which will read the images from a folder and you don’t need to do any of this configuration editing stuff.


Thanks for your help,
in fact the problem is this, change the Batch Count every time my friend would like to insert or remove new images in the folder, the stack is too limited. You must have it with RW.

I know inStack Gallery would be perfect, but my friend doesn’t want him to waste time rebuilding all the pages by inserting the stack. For me it wouldn’t be a problem, I gladly help, I do it only for passion.

Now I’m sending him a message if he wants to buy inStack Gallery.

Thanks again for the advice.

He can avoid that waste of time by wasting other time editing the settings for every update. Also who knows what other issues are around the corner with the Nick Cates stuff.

Hopefully he can weight that decision up and get inStacks Gallery.

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I was looking at inStack Gallery right now, very complete. I really think that tonight I buy it for the galleries of my site. So at the same time I help my friend by fixing his site with the images in icloud.
Thank you.

Perfect, Gallery Stack 3 works beautifully with iCloud.
unfortunately I can’t get the caption displayed, maybe I need the help of @Jannis from inStacks Software.

  1. Did you enable all captions inside the grid / lightbox settings?

  2. iCloud photos have a comment area. The first comment will be used as caption.

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Perfect thanks, I had set the right parameters for the comments in the grid, but they weren’t even displayed on the Apple website.
After your suggestion I inserting a new comment in another photo and the caption of both appeared, surely it was an Apple problem.
Thanks @Webdeersign, thanks @Jannis.

to read, distance, better the caption I inserted this css, I think it’s fine:
.thumbnail-wrapper {margin-bottom: 50px;}

One last thing, I saw that by inserting 2 or more Apple iCloud Photos in the same gallery, for example to view photos of different products, only the last album is displayed, so if I want to insert different Apple Shared Albums on the same page I have to insert more Gallery Stack.
For example, I should insert, for the title, a Header (source) then the Gallery Stack 3 which works with Apple iCloud Photos, then below under another Header (source) then again a new Gallery Stack 3 which works with Apple iCloud Photos, etc. .
Can I do this?
Thanks again.

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Yes, you’re able to add more gallery stacks to the page.

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That’s the perfect way to do this if you think about it.

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Perfect, thank you