No link in menu headers

Hello I forgot how to make a menu header without link so that the sub menus only have a link. I know how to do it in foundation, but I want to do it in a theme I recently purchased. Any one know how to do that?

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Hi Kent,
This depends on the theme. I think not all allow this.

Which theme are you using?

Cheers, Jannis

Hi Jannis thank you, I am just playing with this new Hype theme. I am not using it for any concrete work, but thought it looked interesting so I purchased it with a discount :-)

@Multithemes is able to help 🙂

OK thank you

@Kent I’m sorry but unfortunately this option is not available in Rapidweaver and does not depend on the theme used. There are third-party solutions like this

Interesting that other theme developers are able to create parent navigation nodes without link.

Even I was able to do it:

thanks, I’ll look into this

That will be fantastic, thank you :-)

Hello I have purchased that stack but it does not work on Hype. It seems that it only work on certain kinds of menus, but thank you for your advice :-)

@Kent Check the PM.
I would test the stack with your current theme setting.

OK thank you, will do and let you know how it goes

@kent check the PM, I’ve sent an example :)

@Jannis thanks for the help!

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Cool that it works!

your example inspired me :) I made something similar but is my first test.

btw, I think it could be implemented in RW as a native option, adding an option to the current page Offsite as “enpty page”


Sorry I have been busy at work. Sorry what is PM?

A direct message

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