Now available: DOMAIN GENIUS - everything in one place

Mac OS X 10.15 ‚Catalina‘ is getting closer, putting an end to 32bit apps. Including my beloved ‘Domain Brain’ app, which helped me for many years to keep an overview of my over 80 web-clients and the information regarding their websites.

So several weeks ago I decided to dive into Filemaker to build a similar app by my own. Exporting my data from Domain Brain and importing into this app worked a treat. Then I thought that also others could be in need for such a specialized (but still flexible) app and decided to offer it to the public.

The search for an appropriate name resulted in ‘Domain Genius’. In the last days I polished the app in a way that it’s now ready to be sold. I only need to set up some F.A.Q.s, write a short manual and set up my store. This may take some further days (as I’ve got a lot of client work to be done simultaneously), but I’m aiming for next week.

There’ll be an introductory period for Domain Genius where the app will be priced at $29,-. The price will go up to $39,- at the end of this month.

I hope you will like Domain Genius and that it will be of the same good use for you as it is already is for myself. I will keep you informed when the app will be available.

Best, Matthias


@FichtMedia Looks interesting! But I’m not entirely clear: does this app require FileMaker? Or is it really an independent app? (I don’t use FileMaker, thus my question.)

@mitchellm This is a complete independent app, thus not requiring FileMaker. FileMaker is able to generate Runtime apps like this, which can act completely independent. :-)


Great to know! Many thanks.

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That is great to know! I have FileMaker 18 Advanced, but don’t do much with it (I was very proficient with the older versions of FM, but not so much now). Do you do any freelancing work with FM? If so, I will keep that in mind for down the road (we use a local company called 360Works for changes to our databases).

Hi @dave, these have been my first steps with FileMaker. So I won’t dare to offer freelancing work with it yet. Filemaker actually is a very interesting, powerful database system.Maybe in some months there’ll be an even more powerful version 2 of Domain Genius available as an update. Time will tell… :-)

Best, Matthias

Domain Genius is now finally available for purchase! 😃

I’ll be adding more informations and FAQs about the app - and probably do an overview video - tomorrow or on Wednesday.

Now go and grab your copy while the introductory price lasts: (no coupon code required). 😉