Obfuscate email, phone numbers, etc.?

I’m aware of Doobox Obscuremyemail stack, and use it on all sites, but I also want a way to obfuscate phone numbers.

I’ve looked ta a few stacks but nothing really seems to hit the mark, so wondering what my other options are?

I used to use this site: http://wbwip.com/wbw/emailencoder.html but it’s now dead.

TouchBase by S4S – https://stacks4stacks.com/touchbase/index.php

Yes, looked at that, but it doesn’t obfuscates (daft word) the label. This is OK if you want to use a button that says “call me”, but if you want the number to be visible, as in, use the number as the label, it’s not obfuscated (daft word).

EDIT: I need to clarify something in the above comment, as it’s actually wrong…

If you opt to use the email address applied to the button as the label then the stack WILL obfuscate it.

If you use the telephone option, it will also obfuscate but, but then there is no spaces in the number, which isn’t very user friendly.

If you select to use a custom label and put the phone number in there, it’s not obfuscated.

I use this site for that kind of thing: https://www.wmtips.com/tools/html-obfuscator/


Excellent. That is exactly that I need. It does more or less the same the site I used to used, linked above, but that’s now dead.


@habitualshaker Out of curiosity, which method would you prefer: JS or characters?

Previously I’d always opted for characters, no idea why!

I would usually add the code within a Scripe stack, which having just tested, works fine with either.

I think it depends on where it is being used. If it was the label (and / or a link) for a stacks button then just the character entities. If in code then probably the javascript approach.

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