Older memory to sell?

I need either some 8gb or 4gb sticks of DDR3 1.5v 1067MHz ram, it’s older stuff for an old 2009 iMac.

This machine seems pretty fussy, it won’t take the lower voltage PC3L stuff, it has to be PC3.

I have gotten away with sticking in some 1333 MHz though, so that’s an option, but I’d prefer to stick to 1067 and give the machine one less reason to reject it!

The price on new stuff is nuts, way more than faster/newer versions, mostly I suspect because they know they can charge more. Feckers.

Before I give in and buy some new, anyone got any lying around they want to sell?

The machine has four slots and I want to max it out at 16gb. So, 4x4, or 2x8, or part quantities to get to 16gb is fine.


I’ll go and check in the shed for you this evening. I have a drawer full of old computer bits. There is definitely some Crucial branded iMac ram in there, but I can’t remember the spec’s of it.

I went and dug in my ram drawer… holy crap I have too much in there. I don’t think my Mac Mini DDR3 Ram will work, its 1600MHz. :(

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If its DDR3 NOT DDR3, also badged as PC3 not PC3L, it should underclick (I think that’s the term) fine.

This is what I was able to find in the shed:

It was out of a 2008 iMac. I think this RAM was purchased about 2009 / 2010.

I think the iMac had the Korean 2x 1GB ram new from the factory. I swapped it for the 2x 2GB Crucial sticks a year or two later.

I salvaged both lots of the RAM with the intention of one day eBaying it (knowing how much this stuff sells for). But I never got round to it. Have not used eBay for some years. Too much hassle.

No idea if it is of any use to you. Looks like it is PC2-6400. It is from about the time era you want and was in an Intel iMac.

Yours for free if you want it. Just DM me your address and I’ll stick it in the post to you. I have no use for it. One less item to move house with!

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Hi Will, that’s very kind of you, but I need DDR3, that lot is DDR2. Thanks all the same.

I got these 2

Perfect! How mush would you like for them? I’m near Belfast, recorded delivery will be £2.11.

Let me know what you want and how I can pay.