One framework, Any website. Now for RapidWeaver

Good day, I bought the Framework and UIkit-3 Standard License today. I run Framework and get RapidWeaver error.

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Is that a help request? If so, it would be nice if you could provide some details or maybe a screenshot of the error. Just in case… I’m sure Uikit comes with a theme to match the framework. Did you apply that theme?

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@uxspade try to first drag&drop the Framework.rw8 project from the downloaded package to your computer, open RapidWeaver then open the project, maybe this helps.

If not I can send you the package again, maybe it got corrupted somehow.

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Hi, no error seems to work yet. I deleted everything and reinstalled, connected all licenses and so far it works. The menu is huge and complex, I wanted to understand if I could do the same by myself. But for me it’s still chaos.)

I’m not a programmer, but I’m looking for a solution to quickly do tests myself

I think that I can draw)))), but in search of a solution to make the site itself on my own.

I am doing a redesign of this site

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