One site, two domains, GREAT SEO!

I have a site out there on the domain that has amazing SEO for its key keywords. I need to either switch the site to the .com or run another version of it on the .com.

The latter option would be an idea, as that way I can run two versions with two prices: GBP on the and EURO on the .com.

At present the .com is dormant.

If I run a separate instance of the same site on the .com and just change the prices and currency I’m worried I might fall foul of Google and the results for the will take a hit.

If I transition the site form the to the .com I again might hurt the results.

What’s my best approach?

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Is the different pricing units the driving factor?

If so why not try one of the geo locator stack to display the correct price depending on visitor location? Not 100 accurate I know but could be worth a look?

No, sorry, should have mentioned that. To date the business is signed at uk clients but I wish to now broaden that into the EU where a co uk won’t work too well.

I have run across sites like this many times, and what they usually do is have a drop down box at the top of the index page where visitors can choose the proper site.