OneDrive/Dropbox on macs with different OS's?

This is probably a dumb question (because none of these cloud syncing services seems to love rw files) but is it ok to have macs with different OS’s using an online file service (onedrive in my case)?

My laptop got inadvertently updated to Catalina while my iMac is still on Mojave. I’m in the middle of a couple of projects (and busy otherwise) so would prefer not to upgrade the imac or downgrade the laptop until I have a bit more down time.

Should I try to avoid using Onedrive on the laptop for the time being?

As an aside, I was at least hoping the upgrade would be smooth given how far along it is but there was already a bug/issue introduced with my backup solution (carbon copy cloner) which makes me nervous to do any updating until I have some more down time. That seems sort of crazy to me for a release that.s already up to 10.15.5…

I’d advise not using OneDrive with RW at all. It caused me quite a few ongoing issues working on projects across two machines. That was a pain but manageable. Then it shat itself and corrupted every single project on it. Over 200 in total.

Thank f@@k I had backups that didn’t touch OD.

I’m now using Apple Cloud and it’s a dream.

Yeah, iCloud is next on the list once I get a bit of spare time. Been super disappointed with OneDrive and Dropbox and the $$ I’ve given them this year.

Having tried and failed with every previous Apple cloud solution, I didn’t even consider it, just assumed it was shite. Then discovered I could try it for 79p, so did, then closed my OneDrive.

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I once had a problem with iCloud for syncing RW. A restart of the computer solved the problem.

However for critical projects I always keep the project file (naturally) and a compressed zip versions. Zip files have zero problems syncing with anything I’ve used: Dropbox, iCloud, etc.

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I transferred to iCloud after dropbox failed to work with Catalina , I do find that iCloud sometimes hold different versions of RW on different machines and does not always update perfectly.
I recently found and that has been absolutely perfect working with both iMac and MacBook Pro

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Using for 3 yrs across all devices no problems.

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I have used for the last year with zero issues. I keep all my project files in a sync folder that updates to a Mac mini and my laptop (both on Catalina). I also keep all my themes and stacks in a sync folder that updates to both computers so my RW is always up to date on the go.

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I DEFINITELY stopped using OneDrive even though we have an Office 365 subscription. Went to Dropbox, but found Dropbox to not like the packaged RW files. Had so MANY partial syncs that files got corrupted. Had gone to making daily backups after each RW project update. I have been using iCloud for the past month or so, but even then it’s not been perfect. I literally watch to make sure the RW file is sync’d to iCloud after closing RW. If the little cloud doesn’t show up that synching has started, I will pull a small simple text file into iCloud to “jumpstart” iCloud sync, otherwise it will sometimes just sit there and not start. Then I have the recent project on one machine, and if I use my other Mac, it is an older project version. Drives me nuts sometimes. Just happened today.

Have used all day for my project files. Quick syncing, across my 3 devices. Impressed. Learned something new today from the post.