Online seo checkers - friend or foe?

I do like to do the best I can with seo on any site.
I run SEO RX and always aim for 70 - 80% - some image always come up as wrong titles DCM etc but I’m guessing that’s how they are embedded in a stack ?
But if they come up quite well on SEO RX - one for example gets hammered on a check site. Most come up at say 50 - 60 out 100 but all these are on the front page in google for local searches. ( which is all customers want or need )
It’s says things like robot text isn’t there biut on others it is there ( it is there I think RW does this anyway )

So are they true-is or heavy handed to sell their products
Are there any reliable ones anyone uses?

Do you pro’s all use Schema on your sites - if so is the extra effort worth while on a small regional site covering a couple towns - ie local plumber

I’m against these SEO checker things, online or otherwise, as IMO they tend to send people off in the wrong directions… Too many times people are obsessed things like meta tags, H tags and so on and totally forget why someone will visit and stay on your site: Content.

To understand better where your focus should be thinking about what Google wants to do: They want to return results to people that contain links to sites that contain the content they are looking for. They do this judging how many people click a link, how long they stay on the site, how many pages they visit, and so on.

All the other stuff, like page structure and tags and things, come 2nd. I’m not saying this stuff isn’t important, it is, but content is king (to coin an old cliche).

In short: A badly formatted page with content people read will always rank above a well-formatted page with crap content.

As for all this other stuff, just use common sense. Keep menus clear and precise, keep the structure of your content logical and consistent, make sure your browser titles are accurate and that your meta data is informative, accurate and engaging.

In the early days of a new domain/site drive your own traffic, don’t rely on Google. Rest assured, Google will note this traffic whether you like it or not, and so will soon start ranking the site.

Good constructive advise @steveb

With loads of typos! It was early and pre-coffee!

Yea ,my content is fine, but I always feel it’s good for me, to have line to work to and SEO RX gives me some indication where I am , The online versions can be a little heavy handed but the results vary and even with a low score, get good positions. To be honest , if youre a plumber or sign maker (me) in a smaller town or area , the traffic is terrible, most sites don’t really get many visitors . Its bit of the elephant in the room isn’t it ? Building a website for the 12 ppl a week that might be searching “signs newton abbot” ( and half of them are my competition lol )
So yea I know its bit obsessive but withso few fish in the pond - you gotta have a dam fine net :)

For your site, the thing to do is think about the sorts of thing people will type into Google for which you want to appear high in the results for.

So, for instance, if you want to appear high in the search term “sign maker Marlborough” you want to make sure your content contain those words in that order, but they must appear in context.

So “Welcome to XXX we are the leading sign maker in the Marlborough area who make great signs are even better prices” would work well. Or “XXX has been the makers of affordable signs in the Marlborough area for 10 years” would also work, but less so as the actual terms is different, although it contains the words.

As well as that, have the content of some or at least one page as follows…

XXX Sign

Sign Makers Marlborough

Text content here.

And so on.

You’d also add tags like “Sign Makers Marlborough” and variations of it to all the images. Plus put something similar in the meta detail areas.

Stuff like this will help no end, far more than getting all your H tags arranged correctly.

The key is to include your key terms as much as possible, but changing them slightly for each image or text content area. Not just using the same terms for everything.

If you don’t yet have a blog add one, they do nothing to convert your visitors but they are fantastic for search engine rankings and give you a reason to add your links all over social media.

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