Online workshop: Let's build a UIkit3 website together

As part of the brilliant Rapidweaver Central Workshops run by @Marten I’m pleased to announce I will hosting a new series of workshops in which we will build from start to finish a fully functioning website using UIkit3 by @Lucas. At the end of the program, the project we build will be available to all participants.

If you want to learn how to build a site with Uikit3 from scratch, this is your chance!

Sessions will last about 2 hours, commencing Tuesday 13th Aug at 5pm GMT on the Rapidweaver Central Zoom channel. They will continue weekly until the project is complete, with the odd week off for holidays etc.

Entry is free, but you will need to pre-register (Details soon).

The workshops are open to everyone, it would, of course, be best if you have already purchased UIkit3.

Full details will follow in a day or two, but in the meantime, to help us gauge numbers, please express your interest below. Places on the workshop are limited, so first come first served!

More soon.


How do we access this???

Hi, once @marten and I have it set up details will be posted here.

Definitely interested. Please include me. Thank you.

Registration Link for the next 7 weeks:

Please note, spaces are limited so register early!

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This is the last call for tomorrow evenings workshop session. We have two slots left!

If you want to learn how to build an amazing site with UIkit3, get registered on the link above!