Opening RW Classic RWC project files using RW8

I read somewhere that you can open RWC files using RW8 by renaming the .RWC file name to a .rw8file.

Has anyone tried this, and can confirm this is correct?

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Yes. And yes.


I guess that will work until breaking changes are introduced.

For example, I’ve had an older RWC version installed (not updated to current version), and I opened a rwc project from a customer. RWC refrained to open this project, as my RWC version was to old. I had to update to the current version to be able to open the project.

Good info. I suspect it depends on how many of the amazing new features you use from all the recent new feature updates of RWC, already delivered as promised.

The badge, sir ?

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Ever heard of sarcasm? 😂

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Is that a new RWC feature?

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