Original iPad Pro website recreation (old news)

Following all the discussions about the Mac mini website recreation (here and here), I remembered I had done something similar using the original iPad Pro website around 2015-2016.

This is not a direct duplicate using Apple graphics but rather just uses the layout and concept but with content about SectionsPro. It was never used but I thought it should have a little outing, albeit 3 years late.

Of most interest is just how far the Apple websites have evolved from the white minimalism to the immersive experience started with the Mac Pro site.


Hi Andrew

Any chance and possibility to play with the project file ?


I don’t even know if I still have it but it would be far too out of date to be of use, the Learn Sections demo project has all the methodology in it and is up to date. Have a look at the flex layout pages

Thank you Andrew I will indeed take a look.

Kind Regards

I remember that very layout like it was yesterday and can’t believe it was created 3 years ago. That layout proved that RW could build complex layouts and had grown up to become a serious tool. Sections continues to form the most important component of every site I build with RW and has done since I started using Sections. Huge credit to the Apple team too, for creating a design that would influence designs or many years to come. I think the layout works so well that the content becomes almost secondary.

Nothing else in the last 3 years in RW has even come close to doing what Sections even did 3 years ago. I often look at a site and think that the layout could be improved by using Sections to provide that all important proportional padding or vertical centring or proportional height with breakpoint control or positional overlay. Those are the building blocks that every web designer should have in their tool bag. Other Stacks developers can blatantly copy your stacks and ideas but nobody can copy Sections.

Sections easily gets my vote for the most significant contribution to RW Stacks ever. If I could not use Sections I would find it very difficult to go back to the old ways in RW.


The MacPro site is a thing of great beauty indeed. I like the fact that the animation is there to explain otherwise difficult to convey concepts such as airflow. The hidden text is only shown after the next beautiful product image is shown centre stage and then the text appears so as not to distract from the main act. This is totally different to many web sites where animation being used for the sake of being able to animate something or even worse, everything.

The Mac Pro page is pure professional theatre.

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