OSM map goes blank when linking

I have been happily adding OSM to my pages with no issues until I came to this one page. I have added two markers, quite close to each other, all is well until I set the link for the second marker and the map disappears on the preview. Remove the link and the map re-appears
Here it is with the link set

I’m not allowed to add another image to this post, apparently, so take my word for it when I say it shows fine without the link.

Any suggestions, please?

Marker 2 is invalid without long and lat settings.

Yes, I realise that but the marker in question is number 3. I originally had it as number 2 but as it did not work I moved it to 3 to see if it made a difference - it didn’t. Thanks.

Please provide a link.

Please remove the ' from the text.

OK, removing the apostrophe in the label solves the problem. Is there any way of being able to show the apostrophe but still have it work? Thanks.


try 'or '


OK, thanks, that works

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