OSM stack overriding container

Please see


Te map should be within the 2 column stack inside a container (Platform).
The map from OSM stack is overriding his “container”.
Any idea how to fix this?
Thanks in advance – @Jannis @juergenbarth


@juergenbarth is setting in his stacks overflow: visible !important

Well, that’s braking the map boundaries.

As the CSS it set to !important I am not able to do anything here.

.stacks_top {
	overflow: visible !important;

#stacks_in_p163_n1_page16 .stacks_in {
	overflow: visible !important;

#stacks_in_p163_n1_page16 .stacks_out {
	overflow: visible !important;

I’ll have a look and see whether I can get rid of them somehow…