OT: A personal request, if possible

Hello fellow weavers,

I do have a small favor to ask, if possible. My father (well, stepfather actually) turned 83 yesterday. He is currently in holidays and he supported me all my life. So when he gets back, I would love to surprise him with postcards from all over the world wishing him a Happy Birthday.

So if you want to and have a few minutes and a stamp to spare, please send a card to:

Jan Fuellemann
Attn. Manfred Voegele
Ellmerweg 13
31224 Peine

Sorry for the OT and thanks for reading :-)

Kind regards

(I posted this at rw forums as well, sorry for double if you read it there already)


If I can remember to do this I will. In the UK, going to a Post Office to buy a stamp, is a dreary and deeply unrewarding affair, but in this case I will attempt it.

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Mr. Livingstone, I presume? Do not forget food and beverages and a first-aid kit. If it helps, I am willing to stay on my phone to help you through these difficult and daring adventures. On the plus-side: You have a tale to tell! And license books and film rights :-) But honestly: thank you a 1000 times…

a big THANK YOU from my father, who was overwhelmed by all the cards and good wishes :slight_smile:

Thank you very much to all of you!