Over 18+ years old stack

I have the @doobox 18+ stack, but my client want to sell alcohol on his website and he need desperately create a WordPress account because, and I quote:

The reason I did was because GoDaddy didn’t offer the age verification plugin that is required for sites selling alcohol and wordpress does.

Is the client talking for a more sophisticated or advanced plug in, or Doobox’s stack can work that out? If not, please point me to a stack that can do that type of age verification feature. Thanks in advance.

Difficult to say without knowing the legal requirements the client has to meet. I believe there are dozens of wp plugins as well.

Hi @albertkinng,

In cases like these, it’s very important to ask for requirements. Find out why is the Wordpress plugin the holy grail in your customer’s eye? What does the plugin do that’s so special? And what wishes does the customer have regardless of what the plugin offers?

Is age verification a simple “I solemnly swear I am 18 years of age or older, scouts honour!” check box in a pop up, or does the visitor have to do something extra (upload an ID, use a digital age verification method like eID etc.).

With that information in hand, you can look if there’s a suitable way to integrate said functionality in something else than Wordpress.