Paddle users - has anyone developed a cart for use with paddle?

That’s pretty much it. I’m looking for an alternative to Woocommerce and Rapidcart doesn’t seem supported anymore and I’d rather not have the monthly fees of the other solutions.

Any suggestions?

I have a stack, where you’re able to enter all details like vendor id and product number.

It does not have a shopping cart feature. It could be there APIs available therefore, idk exactly.

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I’ve been using Will’s paddle stack, but like yours, you have to do a separate purchase for anything you want to buy :-(


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Paddle acts as reseller for software, SaaS subscriptions, and other digital products, so you’re not able to use another cart.

Does Vibracart handle all of the tax stuff? I’ve heard a bit about it, but haven’t seen anyone using it.

Mals-ecom is free and quite good even without going premium. A while back Yuzoolthemes had a stack for use with it but dropped it. I still have it, but not used. Mal’s is a great cart and could probably be easily implemented manually into RW stacks. Mal’s e-commerce

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That looks interesting - thanks. Do you know if it takes care of the tax on digital goods?

I’ll have a read.

No, I was answering
‘I’m looking for an alternative to Woocommerce and Rapidcart’

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Does Vibracart handle all of the tax stuff? I’ve heard a bit about it, but haven’t seen anyone using it.

Vibracart supports tax and shipping, just as Rapidcart did. But it won’t pay it for you — for that you’ll need Paddle (and you’ll pay for the service, and also be kept waiting for your sales income).

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Vibracart Pro will charge the tax as needed (or zero rate if a VAT number is provided) but you will need to pay the VAT yourself. Paddle is different as they effectively buy the product from you and resell it, so they are charging the VAT and pay it. In reality the clients are theirs and not yours in this case (that doesn’t really matter though).


@bazza The issue with digital download purchases is not the calculating and charging of the VAT, it is the paying of the VAT.

To put this into perspective, in the EU, and lets also include the UK, there are 28 countries, with 18 different rates of VAT, and each country must be payed the correct VAT for their country, on time, every 3 months. Payment of VAT is not something that you want to mess about with.

Paddle pays the VAT for you and that is the main value that Paddle brings.


I’ve been happy to use paddle, but just get frustrated at the lack of a cart so people can buy more than one thing.

What do you use?