Page Safe and Source

I would like to create a protected page in Source to insert personal links and also a link to open REPOSITORY (to hide the link to the repository home page and to the folder),
years ago I bought the stack
unfortunately I cannot remember how to proceed, in the weaver site there are tutorials but (for a person who does not know the language well) too many, many, words but few images and few examples. The old RW file attached to the stack is also exclusively for fondation (which I don’t own).
Can someone put (if they have the stack) an RW example of a protected page with Page Safe and Source.
To understand how to sequentially insert stacks on the page.

I’d recommend just opening the demo project and then dragging any Page Safe stacks out of any Foundation stacks. And then delete the Foundation stacks.

I don’t have the stack myself but am sure it’ll be straightforward to set up in your Source project. Any problems just post back here and I’m sure someone will help you out.

Page Safe has to be at the very top of the page, I believe.
Other than that, just drop it in and give it a passcode / password. Should work independently of whatever theme/framework you’re using.
Sorry, not at my RW computer to give screenshots

Bear in mind it has issues with passcodes (numbers) on some Android devices, so always use a password if that bothers you.

Perfect thanks

Thank you!

Very important, I’ll do this, thanks.