Page where people can add comments

I need to create a hidden page where my clients friends and family can recieve a link by email … click on it and ber able to add a product testimonial with as little trouble as possible (ie no login /signup etc

I had thought Id use disquis but they need to log in and I want to avaid that step.

It will not be seen by public and needs to be super simple for them to link and write.

Any idea on best way to set this up?

You might be interested in ‘Comments’ stack from Will Woodgate.

Will offers free demo versions for all his products, so you can try before you buy.

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THANK YOU! Perfect

I use this stack on a private blog site for family news; it works great. BUT- because of the way the stack works, you will need to figure out how to have a different comments file for each post. When I couldn’t figure out how to do it, I posted my frustration here, and one of the wonderful developers stepped in and provided the code for me (below). The screenshot shows a few of the many, many comments files. Each post gets two (one for ratings {which I’m not using on the page} and one or comments).

CODE THAT GOES INTO THE Custom Name field: '.$_GET['permalink'].'


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could the combination Poster2/COMMENTSSTACK work then?
anyone have news?

(and if so in the future would Volt CMS/COMMENTSSTACK work?)
@Jannis @willwood

Both Poster 2 and Comment Stack use the same url parameter for paging. So if you navigate to a second page inside Comment Stack, also pagination is triggered for the blog posts.




Will it be possible, or will there be solutions, to insert GDPR compliant comments in Volt CMS?

Help me, what are GDPR compliant comments?

comments that run entirely on the site’s web server, with zero tracking or intrusive monitoring by external services. I mean no dependency on Disqus, Facebook, Google or others.

As such isn’t available right now, I could only speculate.


Depending on how Volt CMS generates the URLs, CommentsStack might be the solution in a similar way to the above.

@Lukh Regardless if you use a third party for your commenting solution or not, don’t forget that the person posting the comment must be able to read your privacy statement and agree to it (opt-in), which in turn must explain which data that the person enters on the commenting entry form you will store, and also why and how long you intend to do so.