Page where people can add comments

I need to create a hidden page where my clients friends and family can recieve a link by email … click on it and ber able to add a product testimonial with as little trouble as possible (ie no login /signup etc

I had thought Id use disquis but they need to log in and I want to avaid that step.

It will not be seen by public and needs to be super simple for them to link and write.

Any idea on best way to set this up?

You might be interested in ‘Comments’ stack from Will Woodgate.

Will offers free demo versions for all his products, so you can try before you buy.

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THANK YOU! Perfect

I use this stack on a private blog site for family news; it works great. BUT- because of the way the stack works, you will need to figure out how to have a different comments file for each post. When I couldn’t figure out how to do it, I posted my frustration here, and one of the wonderful developers stepped in and provided the code for me (below). The screenshot shows a few of the many, many comments files. Each post gets two (one for ratings {which I’m not using on the page} and one or comments).

CODE THAT GOES INTO THE Custom Name field: '.$_GET['permalink'].'


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