Paging the File Maker Pro experts/users

I’ve got a weird search issue, FMP v.16.

I have a list of email addresses, I want to search for all email addresses with the word “barber” in it.

I type barber into the search box and it returns results like or but not

I’ve tried searching for barber and “barber” but it’s just not finding any email addresses with the word barber in the domain name and something else before the word “barber”.

Where am I going wrong?


EDIT: Well bugger me, I’ve just learnt something. If you want to use wildcards in FMP you MUST use the find function, not the search box!

Seems stupid to me, but there you go.


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Thanks for the follow-up answer. I didn’t know that either! I was a wiz with FMP back when it was a flat dB- not so much 20 yrs later. 😟