Paging the Transmit user... Broken since last update?

For other Transmit users, after the last update my double click setting no longer works, even though it’s set up correctly in settings. Nor does the edit in transmit option work.

Setting up an external editor option in settings for the double click option open the file in a browser, no matter what app is setup.

In general it all seems a bit bolloxed. Anyone else?

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The same here. Hoping for a quick fix… :-/



I am at v5.8.2 and it is working fine. I turned off auto updates, but see there is a 5.8.3 update available.

Is it the 5.8.3 update causing the issue?

Seems to be. I’m at 5.8.3 seeing the same issue.

@Webdeersign @dave Yep, definitely a 5.8.3 issue. Was lucky to have version 5.8.2 in my backups… :-)

I’ve spoken to Jesus!

Not that Jesus, but Jesus at Panic, who make Transmit. He’s confirmed they are aware of the issue and a fix in coming soon. He sent me a new version to use in the interim, but I mentiond I’d rolled back to the previous version so didn’t need it.