Paging the Wordpress People: Easy Real Estate

Do any of the WordPress peeps here have any experience of the Easy Real Estate plugin?

Asking for a friend.

No really, I am actually asking for a friend ;-)

Of course.

I have no experience of the Easy plugin but have used the Property Hive plugin with Elementor which is extremely good. It is a complete CRM system.

The basic system can be enhanced with the many addons and that’s how Hive make their money.

Edit. I would say that if I was doing that again today, that I would use Blocs to build the WP template to gain access to the Hive system.

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Thanks. It I really am asking for a friend. His site uses it and he wants to connect his listings to Idealista, but he’s trying to work out if the plug-in offers an XML feed.

His web dev guy is being less than helpful, so he asked me.