Paragraph Pro - Column Flow using TotalCms Content


The column flow feature of Paragraph Pro works if the content is %cmsText(myid)% but not if I use markdown with markdown formatting (%cmsTextFormat(myid)%) or the hipwig editor. I need both column flow and the ability to add links in the content.
Is there some combination that will allow this?


Why not use Scribe?


I’ll take that as a no ;-)
Thanks Tav, I don’t have scribe yet. I’ll have a look see


Scribe is just Paragraph Pro for markdown however P Pro may well work if the tag is set to Text Node (CMS compatible) - did you have this set or was it still set as p ?


Column flow definitely works with HipWig generated content - I use that myself.


okay, I’ll look for that Text node setting and try that, Thank You