Paragraph Pro Question

I just started using Paragraph Pro so that I could add an image and basically wrap text to it. That is something I really needed. But I was thinking of adding a second image by clicking the “+”. I added the second image but it does not show up in preview. I’ve tried all the combinations of settings for both PP and fluid image and have not been able to get the second image to show up.

However, what I am getting is the word “undefined” at the beginning of the paragraph. I have no idea what that means but maybe it should be telling me something.

Thanks for any advice,


If you need to add more than one floating image then use Scribe instead.

Don’t worry that it uses markdown, if you just want Paragraph text then just type away as normal. Most of the settings are the same as Paragraph pro except that the floating image child has a setting for where to insert the image


Thanks Tav! I just started using your stacks recently so am really in the learning process. I do love your stacks and how cleverly they do so many things.


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