Parallaxer problems (maybe HS menu problem)

Hejsan I have this parallaxer stack as a header. For some reasons, it is going to the top of the page, underneath the HS menu stack. I cant seem to remedy this except by inserting padding for all kinds of viewports, which is a real hassle to do. Why is this happening?

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PS I am so much looking forward to our own BWD menu lab… :-)

I don’t know what the HS menu is but if you are using a fixed navigation bar then that would be the expected behaviour. And adding padding or margins would be the solution.

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Yes OK got your point :-), need to name the things according to their actual name. Yes it is the fixed navigation stack I am using. The problem is when adding padding, one have to make different paddings for different screen sizes. In this regard I just checked the navigation of the Botanist theme, and I can see I made a mistake in making the padding, I made the padding on the parallaxer stack, should do it on the navigation stack off course. Thank you for your rapid reply.