Parallaxer question

Hey Stuart-

Quick question. I’m currently rebuilding a Wix site into a Rw site (links below), and need to know if your Parallaxer stack will recreate the effects on the homepage…but also on a mobile device. As you can see in my Rw site, I’m using Joe’s Parallax stack, but he disables it on mobile devices. However, it was super easy to replicate the two parallax areas on desktop.

If your stack will easily do what the current Wix site does on desktops and mobile, I’ll buy a copy (as will the gentleman I’m rebuilding the site for).

Original site:
My site (halfway into building it…it’s still DRAFT!):

@dave - no idea how this slipped past me. Big apologies.

I can’t see your draft site any more but yes - Parallaxer can certainly replicate what I see on your original site. And it works great on mobile too (though there is an option to disable it if desired).

Any other questions let me know. And apologies again!

Edit: In fact it looks like this category is hidden from the main view which is how i would have missed it. Will investigate that…

Thank you, Stuart. I wondered why you didn’t answer right away. Regardless, I still bought your stack! I ended up using a different stack in this site, but am working yours into a site-under-construction right now. 😊



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