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I am currently developing 2 new course websites. The basic web structure will be the same for both, but the content obviously different. I’m almost done creating one and will soon begin work on the other.

In the current website I use 2 partials: for the header and for the footer.

Can I duplicate my project file and use the same 2 partials in my second website? There’s nothing at all I’d want to change within the header or footer partials.

I remember vaguely that there’s some problem with using partials from one project in another. But I don’t remember what the exact problem was. I’m hoping if I don’t want to make any changes to the partials that all will be fine. (Or if I make changes it’s fine that it flows across to both projects.)

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Just copy a page with the partial to your new project. Once there you can rename it, change it etc.

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Yes, but in my case that means creating 50 copies. Doing it twice means 100 copies (header and footer). If it was a smaller website that would be a short task. In this case it’s still easy to do, but very time consuming. Obviously I’ll do it if needed.

But are there any negative consequences of keeping the old name from the “other” website since it will serve exactly the same function with the same settings?

I don’t see any reason you can’t duplicate the project if that’s easier. The partial “ lives” with the project it is in so shouldnt be an issue.


Not that I know of - it is the defacto way of re-using partials.

No - one project has no knowledge of the other one.

Having copied the partial to a new project why not just make one template page containing your header partial and footer partial (turn off show in navigation and turn on draft) which can then be duplicated and have the individual page content added.

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@tav Thanks. I just vaguely remember there was some problem that would occur when partials with the same name were in 2 different projects. I just don’t remember what the exact scenario was where “bad behavior” would occur (this was reported 2 to 4 months ago).

I’m trying to do much better than a template page: I’m using one website as the template website for the second. The basic structure, sub-sections, etc. will all be the same. This way I can just plop in the relevant content, change page names as needed, but also save myself a lot of grunt work.

Great, it looks like I’ll have no problems using this approach with partials!

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