Partials and Child stacks

Is it safe and reliable to make child stacks into Partials and use in the family of stacks that use the same child stacks?

I am thinking of child stack stacks such as the Background stack used in BWD BlueprintOne, SectionsPro, etc…


As soon as you partial them they will be wrapped in a Stacks 1 col div. This will of course not be on the allowed types list of the stack and so will try to jump out of the parent. It will also stand a chance of breaking CSS that is not expecting another DIV between parent and child.

You can do it and then try dragging the child - it won’t go into another similar stack or back into its own drop zone

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Ps. It is exactly because of this fact that ProStyle Masters were conceived.

I’m not completely mad - there is a reason for most things I do


So, there is still hope?



I never said that! All hope was lost a long time ago.


Likewise 🤣

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That’s good to know!

Thanks. I suspected there could be issues but Stacks does allow you to make a child into a Partial without a warning which would perhaps be a good thing.

Just to develop this question further, is it OK to paste for example, a BluePrintOne BG Child into another BlueprintOne, and OK to go from say BlueprintOne to SectionsPro with the same child?

I assume so , because I do it regularly and it appears to work.

ProStyles is wonderful but for use with some child stacks don’t have a ProStyles function, I was searching for a potential ProStyles feature and hence the question about Child Partials.


Anything that you can drag or paste into another stack is fine. The stacks will protect you from yourself with the Allowed Types key which specifies exactly which child stacks are allowed.

What feature do you want in a ProStyles master that is missing - I may be able to add it.

The next generation of ProStyles will solve all these questions as any child can be a master and vice versa. There will be no more separate master styles in C***

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It was more that as the Sidebar Childs don’t have drop down selection for ProStyles BG’s or selection of ProStyles in the Sidebar stack settings, there is no way to use ProStyles with Sidebar.

This is not a big issue by any means and very much a nice to have feature.

Maybe in the future, adding a proStyles dropdown option in the Child BG’s would be good way to do it and also remove this settings from the main settings.

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Fair enough - I can make it the same as SectionsBox.

Great. Thanks

i’ve honestly never thought to test the corner cases of Allowed Types when combined with forcing partials onto a child stack.

that’s an interesting one.

and something that might be more useful and more well used if partials could be saved, reused, and delivered as examples inside 3rd party stacks.
i mean, i’m not saying that’s going to …

ok, fine, fine, fine. i can’t take the secrets any longer!!!.
you got me. that’s totally what’s going to happen.
get ready!!!

new verbiage too:

  • Partials

    • the thing you know and love.
    • part of a single project
    • mutable (you CAN change it)
    • green button
    • green hex icon
  • Externals

    • a file in the Finder
    • lives in the Externals folder inside the Stacks folder
    • can be used in many projects
    • mutable (you CAN change it)
    • orange button
    • orange diamond icon
  • Templates

    • a file in the Finder
    • usually lives inside of 3rd party stacks
    • but can live anywhere in the Stacks folder too
    • can be used in many projects
    • immutable (you CAN’T change it)
    • pink button
    • pink circle icon

or, you know, we could just call the all “stacks” – because why not.



Will the externals etc. be part of a project file in case I transfer the project to some one else? Or will there be an error if the file with externals are opened? I like to have all resources inside a rw file if I am not warehousing (which I seldom do)…

Seeing a lot of orange and pink in future <3


At the end of the day Externals and Templates are just stacks. They live in your stacks folder and you should treat them like you treat other stacks.

So if you have a project that requires 3 Elixir stacks, 2 Workman stacks, and 5 Externals – you should include all those things in the Stacks folder when transferring a project.

However, an external does not generate a “Missing Stack” candy bar error display. Instead it will just revert to becoming a project-based partial.

So if you’re delivering a finished project to a customer and you don’t plan on continuing editing – you can just deliver the project file – it contains a snapshot of the External.

You can also deliver Templates if you want to discourage editing. Lots more options for pros going forward. 😃


How would that work when providing pre made projects to end users who would need to provide the stacks required for that project to function, themselves?




You only need to keep the External around if you want to maintain the sync between all your projects and versions of that partial.

If you’re distributing a finished project. Or in your case, a demonstration project, then you don’t need to include the external at all.

When users open the project they’ll just see partials. And that’s fine – they don’t need the synchronization info for your other projects.

If they want they can convert those partials to externals on their own. It’s one click. No big deal.



Perfect :-)

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