"partials" will reduce the rw file?

I’m working for a quite now on the new website.
I just noticed that is 130mb and I’m just on the beginning of the project.
All the photos are warehouse already. …so not sure, there is a way to see what make the file big?

If I make more “partials” will reduce the rw file?


Someone with better knowledge will be along soon, but my understanding is making content into a partial will add slightly to the overall file size, but not much. It won’t reduce the size.

130mg is huge, I’ve sites with 60-70 content heavy pages and they are well below 100mg. How many pages are in your project?

When you say you are warehousing images, how? Are you warehousing within the resources folder?

What version of Stacks are you using?

How exactly are you warehousing the images?

Suspect we’re both thinking the same: “Warehoused” in resources?

Opps, wrong thread!


If they are “warehoused” in Resources then they are still saved in the project file which defeats one of the main advantages of loading images remotely.

About the images I learned long time ago 😊
all the images are on cloudinary.com and are pull or from csv file on resources or from link.

Stacks is the latest 3 or 3.5 (don’t remember) but I should have the last one.

I might know… I have a lady that does my blog and we use Poster…she my did few entry on the test and she might just drop the image there not from the warehouse…maybe is that!!
When I will arrive in the office I will check.

There’s a pretty simple test you can do. It does sound like your file is very very big. Here’s the steps:

  1. make a duplicate of your RW project file in Finder.
  2. work only on the duplicate version
  3. right click on the duplicate project file and select “Show Package Contents”
  4. go inside and look at the largest pages and resources (both of these are subfolders)

My guess is you have several large images or one (or more) video files.

Thanks @mitchellm looks like each page is about 2.2mb

I double check and I have the latest RW and Stacks 3.5.7

This is the “test webpage”, and I just put kitchens, and sofas I have a lot of product to go!!!

FEEL FRE TO hate or like all the suggestions are accepted :) ( I still have some adjustment to make it)

The strange part is that my present website (with the same products actually all of them is 77mb

Maybe is the theme itself? maybe is some stacks? but I’m afraid that will became unmanageable.
thanks for input and suggestions.

Okay. But each page (or child page) being 2.2 Mb is awfully large assuming you have warehoused everything. My average page size (when all images/videos are warehoused) is typically a bit less than 300k. So that’s a big difference.

I still think you are missing something. Go inside one of those 2.2 Mb folders. What do you find? Any images?

What theme/framework are you using? I suppose you could be using something that takes up a lot of space but it seems unlikely. Worth checking though.

How many pages do you have total? It doesn’t seem like you have that many pages from an initial quick look at your website.

At any rate, that 2.2 Mb per page does catch my attention. Seems very large if everything has been warehoused.

I double checked all the images are warehouse nothing on the program.
I have 12 pages + 41 childpages total of 53
I noticed that for example a sofas>alton>data>contents.plist is 2.2mb
the smaller is Terms with a 785kb.

maybe is the theme itself… maybe is a stack…
I will make a copy and start removing stack to see which create a big junk. but sooo soo strange for me.

Without a doubt that is bizarre. All my Contents.plist files are between 3 and 5 kb in size!

I have no idea what would be causing this, but perhaps someone more knowledgeable would be able to help you.

What theme are you using?

a theme from one of the best active and supporter of RW @willwood :)
the Theme is RWSkinz

I did another test… looks like the MegaMenu from onelittledesigner.com empty is 750kb
mine with some text etc… all images warehouse got the file 1.4mb
so Megamenu is literally Mega.

Mega Menu is truly Mega

Warehoused images add nothing to the file size so your images don’t sound like they are warehoused.

MegaMenu is 750Kb! I though the days of huge stacks were long gone.

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@Webdeersign, yes the images are nothing to do are all warehouse.
inside mega menu there is just what I need for create the menu…

from now on I have to call the FAT MENU :-)

mmm … now what? I’m not sure If the RW will handle the file… I have a lot of pages to go…

Doesn’t Will have his own menu, Gator? Which is either free or very cheap for users of his themes?

I am willing to bet that the menu is not to blame for your project file size if the pages are 22MB or thereabouts. Your published pages are approx 91% images and so it is most likely that you still have these images in your project file.

Were they originally local images before you warehoused them?

If you have not physically deleted them from the stacks settings then they will still be in there despite switching to the warehoused option.

You can see if they are in the project by right clicking on the project icon and selecting Show Package Contents - in the finder window look in the Pages folder and the individual pages Data. Are these full of your images which are now warehoused?


Hi @TemplateRepo,
Yes I have Gator from also in the theme, but the FAT MENU has that nice feature to add “warehouse images” :-)
that I really like it.

Uikitter when I discover RW in 2013… I start buying a lot of theme and stacks then little by little I discover ThemeFlood and Will. Great product super great service with a demos available to play.
Form 2014 I build myself my company website and I learned since 2014 @tav how to warehouse images :-).
I don’t know nothing about coding but RW and with the help of all the people in this forum and also RW forum I was able to build a nice website for myself… so I thank all of the developers.

Back to @tav what are you willing to bet? :-) :-)
What about this: I will send you my project file of 133mb and if you find images inside you Won… but if you don’t find images …because I like the FAT MENU with the images, you will develop sometime similar and you call him SLIM MENU. and you give me a copy for free ok? :-) :-)

ok you asked: Were they originally local images before you warehoused them?

the new RW website project started right away with embed photo from cloudinary.com (I already use for my website) www.archisesto.com
I never drop any images… if I click resources is just full of csv files for linking the photos.

so are you going to accept my bet? @TemplateRepo @mitchellm and @Webdeersign can be the judges … eh eh eh