Password Protecting access to a Stack as opposed to a page

Is there a way to have a Stack that opens something else (i.e. Limelight, Off Canvas, etc) require a password? I’m not looking for major security, just the ability to keep things from opening without a password. I’m able to lock an entire page using a widget in the HTML Code/Prefix panel but was hoping that that behavior could extend to a single Stack.

Just being hopeful. Thanks.

Thanks, not sure that’s meant to do exactly what I’m looking for but I’ll check it out. Appreciate the suggestion.

@adman17 It seems Joe Workman’s PageSafe stack will do what you want. That stack is actually a trio a stacks … one of which is Stack Safe. More here:

Thanks. And yes, I’m aware of Joe’s Page Safe Stack, but I don’t see any mention of Stack Safe on the product page. I’m not looking to lock an entire page, just a stack, and to that end, “Stack Safe” sounds intriguing. But like I said, there’s not mention or it or description of it on the Page Safe demo page. Are you sure it exists?

Hi @adman17

Yes, Stack Safe is included with Page Safe.
Capto_Capture 2023-05-24_07-32-23_am


You can find out a bit more here:

While I have PageSafe, I’ve never used the StackSafe stacklet. (No need on my part.) If I drag Stack Safe into a page (where I’ve added a UTube stack if someone is logged in), then I see:

I think if you want more details on this you may need to contact Joe at Weaver’s Space

I vaguely remember a similar discussion here or at the RW discussion forum about using Stack Safe, but can’t find it now.


@adman17 Jannis makes very good products, so this may be the better option. I’d completely forgotten about UserAccess and stacks.