Paysnap 3 with Stripe

Calling anyone with experience Stripe payments with Yabdab’s generally excellent Paysnap3…

Everything works seamlessly except I’m not able to get the product information in either email receipts or the Stripe Payments summary (in the Stripe Dashboard).

So, when I use other e-commerce Stripe payments such as Machform and Woo Commerce, the emails arrive saying Mr X has bought Product Y for Z amount. This information is also in the Stripe payment summary.

However, with PaySnap, instead of the product information, I just get some bank card payment code as shown below.

Clients are complaining that they can’t see at glance what has been purchased. If a payment is double clicked the product information will show in the detail but it’s pretty laborious to have to have to log into STRIPE and open every payment line individually.

I suspect I’m missing something simple. Using Paysnap 3 with Paypal is not an issue - just with Stripe.

Any thoughts?

I may be wrong but I have a feeling this is just how it is.

I remember when I first started with Paysnap (don’t use it much) I asked about this feature and was told it was down to Stripe, and that they don’t/won’t send cart items data in the email.

I think. It was a while ago, and I don’t use Paysnap much, so can’t even go check.

I now have a support email from Stripe:

“In this case, it is possible to display somethings under description. However, you would need to get in touch with your developer in order to set it up, since as of now you’re not passing a description, hence the lack of description is covered by the payment ID (pi_xxxxxxx).”

I’m sure it is possible because my Stripe enabled Machforms all supply the product information in both the email and the Stripe Dashboard >Payments. WooCommerce on our WP sites also provides this info.

The other things is that emails to the purchaser do include the product description. It’s just emails to the Seller that do not.

Do you use anything else?

I use my own system, based on PJPJabbers Stiva Store script, but heavily modified over the years.

It’s a nice simple but robust ecommerce platform that does most of what most users need. By most users, I mean most of my users, who tend to be small businesses and the self-employed. Some want more gubbins and intrgrations etc., which it doesn’t do. But for those just wanting a simple self-managed online store, it works well.

A new demo of it, with a load of updates I had done before Christmas, is here: Home | Simple Store

It’s based on this script: PHP Shopping Cart Script | PHPJabbers

It’s cheap to start with, but as I say, I’ve had my version customised loads over the years (by PHPjabbers), total investment is about €1.5k now. But for something basic, the out of the box version will do grand.

EDIT: I should add, I charge quite a bit to install the store for a client, plus it increases their monthly hosting fee, so it’s not for everyone. When they either don’t want that cost, or don’t need to manage it themselves etc. I do use Paysnap. But I only think I’ve got about five clients using Paysnap. Not a reflection on the stack itself, just that most want to be able to add products themselves etc.

Looks very good. I have often considered php jabbers stiva cart but generally WooCommerce has done the job admirably with no subscription and no custom work - although of course Wordpress only. We’re not big on e-commerce shops, tend to have more simple booking type apps requiring a form - training courses, helicopter flights and a few others. Machform handles these very well.

I think Paysnap is most of the way there for the small shop customer that doesn’t want self editing. I do find this STRIPE issue I have raised a bit of an issue with some clients. Good news is that Mike at Yabdab has put it on the to-do list for next update. No ETA but good that it’s being considered.

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