PDF in Limelight?


The info I need to present in a limelight lightbox crams the screen and/or font is too small. Decided to put the excess in a pdf that could be printed.

I thought the “maps” could be altered to do this, but not able to figure out how. Watched all the videos, but i’m missing something critical.

Is there a way to add 2 lightboxes in one launcher or limelight? I’m stumped on this one!
Draft: Entry Details [Paint Colors]
Thanks in advance

It is best to use a WebPage/iFrame limelight child for your PDF. Just place it on your server and link to it.

You can add as many light boxes as you like into a limelight by just adding more child stacks. You can even navigate between them if you turn on navigation in the main settings.

A launcher will launch only one of these light boxes but you can easily launch just the first one if you want and then navigate to the others using the arrows.

Here is a little example with an online PDF and an additional image child stack.

I have put a LL Bar stack to launch them just for the purpose of this demo - launch with whatever stack you like.


I’m using Limelight here together with Joe Workmans PDF Embed stack (just click on “mehr erfahren” / only dummy-content!):

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