Permanent redirects

Oddly, this is something I’ve not had to deal with, so a bit of leaning is needed.

I have an old domain… xxx.xom with two pages, lets call them…

I need to redirect them to a new site whcih sites on a new domain. So… needs to redirect to needs to redirect to

I’m used to doing page redirects within the same domain via the htaccess file, but not sure if the approach is the same different domains?

I use C Panel for all my sites, so maybe there is a better way to do this via C Panel? Both the old and new site are on the same server.

Cheers for any advice.

@TemplateRepo Hey Steve, maybe you should edit those xxx links… ;-)


Oops, didn’t think of that!



Found the answer anyway: Regular 301 redirects in htacces work to any domain, so all good now.