PHPJabbers PHP 8 compatibility


I got a rather excellent Restaurant booking script from PHPJabbers but it is not compatible with PHP 8 it seems, I had it running perfectly on PHP version 7.4 but that is discontinued on my client’s web hotel sometime late this year. I want to be sure it will run under version 8 also. PHPJabbers themselves say it should be compatible with version 8, but it is definitely not. Anyone that has experienced the same with PHPJabbers scripts?

Do you have a php error log file?

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No I have not looked for one also. I will check if I can get to it. thank you Jannis

Hej Jannis, No sorry no error logs. I appreciate your offering your assistance, thank you. 🙏🏻😀

Hej Just for your information, it seems PHPjabbers have solved the problem now and uploaded some new installation files. They have actually excellent support I find. I still need to test everything thoroughly though.


Thanks for that info, great to know!

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