“Pin” is a great stack, simple, fast and intuitive

“Pin” is a great stack, simple, fast and intuitive.
But sometimes I would like you to allow me some things that then I have to add them by force through classes or a few lines of css.
I know that “Chroma” is able to do everything and even more, but I like Pin very much for its practicality in simplicity.
I would like to see a couple of things in Pin if it was possible (without adding containers or classes), select with the check that,

  • the first that is able to enable the Vertical Overflow in such a way as to make the scroll bar appear automatically in the event that if everything contained in the stack exceeds the height of the browser window, the vertical scroll, even on mobile touch scrolling;

  • the second manually set the Pin width in any unit of measure, for example in the Fixed position and set the margins (now you have to play with the offset and margins).

  • the third that you can darken or color the external area of ​​the stack, that is the page below (like lightbox) in order to highlight what is inside Pin (Pin with a width and margin set).

The pair became 3 things :)

Thank you.