Platform: 1.0.1 Update Available


Platform update 1.0.1 has just been released. Here are the changes:

  • Button & Button Group: new features to omit link & to remove border
  • Modal & QuickView: added field to change z-index, background-scrolling can be changed, fixed jump-to-top, fixed compatibility issue with PowerBar
  • PowerBar: added field to change z-index
  • FontAwesome upgraded to 5.8.2

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I am having a problem updating. I am running macOS 10.14.5 with RW version 8.2 (20740)

When I run the updater it finds Platform 1.0.1 but, after I press the update button, it changes to grey ‘updating’ for about 30 seconds and nothing happens. It then returns to a blue ‘update’ button state. I have tried it on two different laptops and it behaves exactly the same way on both.

Weird, I’ll check it!


Well, I don’t pretend to understand what happened there, but I have just checked on my MacMini and everything has updated correctly. I came back to my original laptop that I tried to update on and sitting in the trash are four Platform (1230) stacks. So, the update must have worked correctly each time, it was just Stacks 3 that erroneously reported that it had not.

Yes, I re-checked this and although the updater seems to “hang”, the update is performed correctly.

Still weird. I am looking into this!

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OK, I checked back with Isaiah, and it turns out that actually everything works.

However, there is a timeout of 15 seconds built into the Stacks updater for the download which causes the behaviour you saw.

I moved the download file to a server with faster internet connection. Hopefully this resolves the issue.