Platform...anyone interested to make projects?

Hi…not sure if I might be the only one…is there anyone out there interested to construct projects for @juergenbarth Platform framework.
It is a great way to learn what each stack does and how it can be used…
I know there are a few simple projects available…but think there are a few more users out there now…
Go on you guys…get the creative juices going???
Thank you!!

I’m building some demo projects for UIkit, as although it’s rather brilliant and pisses on all other RW framesworks, it is different to the others, and while very powerful and fast, really fast, to get the most out of it does require a bit of a learning curve. So, the demo projects are designed to ease that curve.

But Platform is really the same as the others, works in more or less the same way, doesn’t have a learning curve and so is really simple to get going with. So not really sure there much of a need for projects.

If there is a market for them, I’ll happily make some, but they won’t be free!


Wasn’t expecting stuff to be free…but not a Uikit user. But actually am sure there are RW users who are not able to give the time it takes to work through the process. I am a Foundry user and have found the projects available free and paid have helped a great deal to get to grips with things. Thanks for anything

Sorry, wasn’t trying to insinuate you were, that came out wrong.

As I say, if there are others wanting demos, I’ll make some.

I recently got UIkit, and you’re right. It puts all the others to shame.


I think it is a brilliant idea, @Piggles.

If my assistance is required, I’l be happy to chime in.

Exactly because Platform seems to be like the others, many people think it is not sophisticated. Once you (I don’t mean you personally :-) ) dig deeper, you will find out that there is much more depth to it.

Which is why I think @Piggles has a brilliant idea.

I’d love it if there were some projects available fee or to buy for Platform. I’m a relative beginner at using Rapidweaver and Platform is the only framework I’ve used so anything to help would be great. I’m really enjoying using Platform and Juergen’s support has been excellent.

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Looking forward to seeing your demo projects for Uikit. I have been using Uikit from Weaver’s Kingdom for over two years now. Such a beautifully designed framework which leads one to make clean, fast and functional websites. Good to see more Rapidweaver users taking notice of it.

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Nearly ready: UIkit3 Demo Project: Nearly Ready For Launch: Last minute requests?

I’m also going to a few hours tonight to look at putting together a simple starter demo for Platform.

Seems like original topic has been hijacked!! Sorry Steve, I DO NOT have UIKit!! Good luck with your Uikit projects, but I also appreciate you thinking of a ‘simple starter demo’ for Platform…

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Sorry, the first part of that last post was for @Langley who posted about UIkit.

But, the bit about starting to look at the Platform project I think will be of interest to you.

Just edited my post!!

@juergenbarth Just having a play with the hero stack. If I take an image from Unsplash, then add it to resources, then copy resources macro and add that to the hero warehouse setting, the image fails to show.

If I copy the URL from the image and add it, it works.

Is there an issue with Hero reading resource links?

No there is no issue in reading resource macros. Hero (and all other Platform stacks which provide warehoused images) use the Link control from the Stacks Add-On.

This Link control requires a URL. RW macros are not expanded. This is how Stacks works and why in the pop-up which is displayed when you click on “Set Link” the entry field is labelled “URL”.

Also, we are using the image as a CSS background-image and I will have to test whether RW macros can be expanded in CSS.

OK, I don’t really understand much of that. All I can say is that adding the resources macro to pretty much all other images stacks I use works, in Platform it doesn’t. Now saying that I only sue resources for self-contained projects and demo projects, so I don’t use it much, so the problem might be more widespread that I think.

Anyway, on the subject making a demo project, I had a play last night, but have decided not to continue. Mainly because I noticed that there are quite a few free demos available from the platform site, so those should keep people happy, but also because to build a demo project the way I’d want to would require third-party stacks, which is, of course, the norm for most people, but when making demo projects it just presents too many potential issues and opens the door to loads of support requests, so I’m going to leave it. I’m sure someone else will do some as Platform does seem popular.

Cheers all.

I’ll be happy to implement the feature to resolve the resource macros. Could you please point me to the image stacks you are referring to?

Stacks4Stacks GraphicStack a free one from @willwood is an example of an image stack that works with the Resource Macro. It doesn’t show in edit mode but works fine in preview and publish.

Thanks @Teefers, this will certainly help my research!

I did further research into the resource macro story and this is what I found out:

all Platform stacks which deal with images on the html page work perfectly fine with resource macros. The issue that the image does not show up in edit mode seems to be common and not related to Platform.

However, if a resource macro is used for a background-image (CSS!), the macro is not expanded. Which seems to be neither a bug nor a feature and a similar behaviour has already been discussed in a thread on this forum (RW 8.1.3 Qube 5 custom background image), the workaround by isiah however only works for CSS which was provided in the Code section of the RW project.