Platform development and website down

Hi @juergenbarth
Its seems like your website is down and it looks like you have stopped development of Platform. the last update is from 2021 and now 2 years old. As i am still interested in Platform (bought it at launch) and also took a look at your Datably and Gatekeeper stacks, I would like to ask, if you are still active in the RapidWeaver/Stacks business or switched to other objectives. Many developers have left the RW arena since 2020 and I just want to confirm before I make an investment.

I hope it is down or broken. says it is down. But the link to platform still works.

Hi Kent
Thanks for pointing it out. Yes I know some of Juergen pages are still online he also has and online. But his main page where also had listed some stacks is offline for about a month now, hence my question.