Player scrub drive disappears in Chrome

Hello I just bought the Stack for Rapidweaver "Player".

He looks really good.

But when I publish my site, the "Scrub Drive" disappears in Chrome for a normal window. And when I pass strongly in the window, she reappeared in Crome.
I do virtual tours and I use Rapidweaver to make hotspot popups.

The work is in progress.

Here is the direct link on the test page:
It works on all browsers. But not on Chrome.

And, no, it does not work on your site either!
I don’t see the Scrub bar.
Chrome version : Version 72.0.3626.119 (Build officiel) (64 bits) (last)

I emptied the cache and removed the extensions, it still does not work.

Thanks for your help.
And Sorry for my English

Stephane Francq

Hi @Yodabel What do you mean by scrub drive?

Yes . Sorry for my English ;°)

What is Scrub Drive?

The scroll bar of sound or video between the numbers of the timing.
she disappeared

What Stephane means is the progress bar (also called a scrub bar) that is generally displayed alongside audio or video files — it lets you ‘scrub’ to various positions within the file.
I can confirm that it’s not visible in Chrome.

Here is an example built into the tour that works on Edge and Firefox … But not Chrome

Anyway thank you for your help ! ;°)

Okay understood. I can confirm I can’t see it in Chrome either.

Just a tip:
This post should have been addressed to @willwood
to receive faster attention from the developer.

OK, thanks. Sorry, I’m new.
I will try to change that

It works well now!
It was necessary to update the plug-in.
Thank you all for your help

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