Playlister on iPhone

I use playlister and it works fine on computer but using smartphone multiple PlayLister items will not play sequentially (one after another). The player stop at the end of the tune and does not play the next one, the play button does not reflect the stop statu.
I would love you add this functionality, it does not seem to be impossible, others web players are able to play sequentially on smartphone (SoundCloud Embed and Amazing Audio Player for example).

Trust me, I’d love PlayLister sequential playback to work on iOS as well as it currently does on Android. Regretfully iOS has a huge list of bugs and restrictions towards HTML5 audio and video. And because iOS devices are very expensive or tied-into long contracts, many people are slow to upgrade.

Yes there are some playlist plugins out there that support sequential playback. But you’ll find they either do very unconventional things that would be totally incompatible with a RapidWeaver website or engage in a myriad of potentially harmful hacks that could damage your website.

As a responsible developer working in a modular setup like RapidWeaver, I have to tread very carefully and not do stuff the goes against Apple’s own wishes or risks introducing major problems into the platform. Because otherwise it backfires on me and I have to take responsibility for fixing the problems later.

I can confirm that the next update of PlayLister will include a small fix to ensure the ‘pause’ button correctly returns back to a ‘ready to play’ button, once the track has finished playing on iOS.

You can turn-off sequential playing in the stack settings, if you want all mobile and desktop users to interact with your player in the same way.

Another option is to place PlayLister inside a free RottenApple stack and substitute it for something else on mobile.

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Thanks a lot Will for this detailed answer. I trust you and understand the complexity of my request. Next update with ‘pause’ button correctly returns back to ‘ready to play’ button will be a great enhancement for my customers.

One more time thanks for your answer and the great stacks you create.

All the best.